How National Cellular Directory Can Help with Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Since Hurricane Harvey hit, National Cellular Directory has been receiving calls and emails from people who are trying to get in touch with loved ones who have been affected by the hurricane. Many of the people who called and emailed us were unaware of our free daily searches and were able to use them to locate the people that were affected.

National Cellular Directory is offering anyone who has been impacted or who will be impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma or by the wildfires spreading out west to please use our Free Happy Hour daily which includes two free premium reports. National cellular directory was created for people to get in touch and reconnect with one another. We understand people are going through some tough times and we want to make sure that anyone can use our service, no matter what their financial status is.

To find out when our Happy Hour searches are, please check our Facebook or twitter page daily. Happy hour searches are the same as our premium searches. You can choose from a free cell phone number lookup to search by cell phone number or you can run a free people search by name through our happy hour.

National Cellular Directory’s free Happy Hour searches happen every day. This means that no matter what your circumstance, whether it be trying to find a family member after a hurricane or searching for your sister who you haven’t seen in ten years, we are there for you, every day. No one should be kept from speaking to their loved ones because of their financial circumstances. For more information about happy hour, review Free Cell Phone Lookup tool.