Parents Now Fear That Their Children Are Being Bullied Through Text Messages (STOP)

When I was in high school, I was tormented by bullying.

I wasn’t cool, and I had only a couple of people that I could call my friends.

To place it nicely, I was “unique” in my style and thoughts. There was one thing that made me feel better though, and that was knowing I could go home and not be bullied.

This comfort allowed me to focus on school as well as hang out with the few close friends that I did have.

Be that as it may, now everything has changed with recent technology.

Even though I am only in my mid-twenties, I had recognized that high school is different than when I graduated in 2009. Smartphones didn’t come out until January 9th, 2007.

Furthermore, even when the first iPhone came out, it had many limitations. Considering that the iPhone had many drawbacks that still needed to be worked on, I along with other people my age didn’t get an iPhone until my early twenties. Some of the limitations include:

“… it couldn't work on two of the U.S.' big four carriers, Verizon and Sprint…It also lacked GPS, or support for faster 3G UTMS/HSPA data speeds. In addition to no hardware keyboard or stylus, the iPhone also didn't have a removable, user-replaceable battery or SD card support.” Rene Ritchie, History of iPhone

In light of technology advancing so quickly, it is hard for us as guardians regardless of what age or stage we are in life to understand precisely what our children are experiencing inside and outside of school.

Kids can nowadays experience bullying 24/7 on account of easy access to smartphones. Children are now addicted to their cell phones, find out more about what your child is doing on their smartphone and who they might be texting.

Children are bullied through texting, calling, and online networking. I cannot fathom going home, and instead of experiencing the safety that I experienced at my home, they still feel all the negative emotions that come with being bullied.

If you are a parent that thinks their child may be getting bullied, there are a few things that you can do to help stop the bullying.

What You Can Do To Stop The Bullying

The most important step you can take as a parent in any circumstance is always to ask them how their day was.

Ensure that they feel comfortable enough with you to tell you what is on their mind. This step is important especially if you feel that your child is being bullied.

Sometimes a child may feel scared or embarrassed to admit that they are being bullied. They may be getting threatened or they may not want you to know that they are being picked on at school. Having open communication with your child is the most important stride to take with your child.

Another step that you can take is to search who is bullying them. It’s easy to find out through social media since most of the time you can see who is on their profile, but harder if it is an unfamiliar number.

If your child is being harassed and you aren’t sure who is contacting them, Perform a Reverse Mobile Phone Search which will help you determine important information that is connected to that number such as their name and address.

If you have a name, such as a social media profile that is harassing them, you can find out their cell phone number by Searching Their Name. Once you gather all of the information you need, you can see who is bullying your child.

With this material you can decide what to do from there, whether it be contacting their parents, going to the school principal, or whatever civil methods that you choose.

Remember that two wrongs don’t make a right, and showing your son or daughter that you are an adult by being mature throughout the process will set an example for them to follow.

One Final Method

There are also anti-bullying apps out there that can help and give information to children and parents who are affected in any way by bullying.

Here are just a few you can or that your child can use:

These are just some of the apps out there. It is hard being a parent with this rapidly advancing society, and it may be tough to understand what your child is experiencing.

However, by taking action and always communicating with your kid, you can help them to live happy, productive lives.