How to Lookup Phone Numbers in Texas and More

Are you trying to find out information about a Texas resident, Texas court records, Texas phone records or county records?

It’s a little-known fact that public record information is available for just about anyone online.

This information can include important data such as marriage certificates and criminal history.

Learn how to find these important records below, including county, court, criminal, and phone records in the state of Texas.

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If You’re Looking To Do A Texas County Records Check

A Good Place To Start Is At The County Clerk Offices

If you’re looking to find Texas county records, the Texas county offices are home to a variety of records that are available for anyone to browse. The hard part is coming up with a way to sort through these records to find what you are looking for, fast.

You can start by looking for the records at the county office where you think the records would be. To get help, you can talk to the clerk, who can guide you in the right direction.

These Texas County Offices Might Have The Information Depending On The County:

  • Property Transactions
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Commissioners Court Records
  • Civil Court Records
  • Probate Court Records
  • Traffic Court Records
  • Justice Of The Peace Court Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Criminal Case Records
  • Civil Case Records
  • Family Case Records
  • Online Criminal Background Search

Cool Tip: If you want to get in touch of a specific government employee, you can try the Government's Online Texas Phone Book.

This downloadable online directory is $125 can assist you in downloading individual contact information for every Texas officeholder that is on their site. You can create your own Texas phone book of Texas officeholders from their directory so that you can easily get in touch with them.

The Texas Department Of Health might be good source for records, depending on what you need.

Here Are Some Of The Records You Can Find At The Texas Department Of Health:
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Your Immunization Records (If you are a Texas Resident)

If You’re Looking To Do A Texas Court Records Check

You Can Use The Texas Office Of Court Administration

Court Administration offices are located in every state in the United States and are in charge of hosting and providing records of the Judicial branch of Texas.

The Texas Office Of Court Administration is designed as a search tool for the public to lookup records.

Some Items You Can Lookup Under The Texas Office Of Court Administration:
District And County Courts Information
Justice And Municipal Courts Information
Judicial Directory

You Can Also Try PACER

PACER (which is short for Public Access To Court Electronic Records) a government aid that gives public access through an online search tool to electronic case and docket data.

Their tool allows almost anyone to locate and access court cases across the country. You use their national court record directory, one would need to register on the website. It costs nothing to register, but they charge a page by page fee for the records which are $0.08 per page.

If You’re Looking To Do A Texas Criminal Records Check

A good place to begin

Texas Department Of Public Safety

They Have Two Separate Search Sites, one to do sex offender searches and the other for criminal history searches.

To perform a Texas sex offender search, click on this link and then press the “search” button.
To perform a Texas criminal history search, click on this link. You will have to create an account before performing any search using this tool.

Looking Up Texas Inmate & Incarceration Records

Check The Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has an online lookup search where you can search for offender information using their search tool. To search for inmate records, click this link.

An important tip to note when using this service is that only offenders who are currently incarcerated in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility will be included in the search database.

These records are accessible for almost anyone to the general public. They can include possible release date, custody status, the correctional facility they are residing in, and information on the offenses committed.

If You’re Looking To Do A Texas Public Phone Records Check

Here are a few options for you. You can start out by finding out what area the phone number originates from by looking up the area code.

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Popular / Most common Area codes Serviced

  • Area codes 214, 469, 972 are the area codes for the Dallas Area.
  • Area codes 281, 346, 713, 832 are the area codes for the Houston Area.
  • Area codes 210 and 726 are the area codes for the San Antonio Area.
  • Area Code 254 is the area code for Killeen, Waco, Belton, Temple, Stephenville and North Texas.
  • Area Code 325 is the area code for Abilene, Snyder, Sweetwater, and San Angelo.
  • Area Code 361 is the area code for Corpus Christi, George West, Victoria, and South Texas.
  • Area Code 409 is the area code for Galveston, Port Arthur, Jasper, Beaumont, and Southeast Texas.
  • Area Code 430 is the area code for part of Northeast Texas, overlays with area code 903.
  • Area Code 903 is the area code for Texarkana, Tyler, Sherman, Longview, Marshall, Palestine, Jacksonville, Carthage, and part of Northeast Texas.
  • Area Code 432 is the area code for Midland, Big Spring and Odessa.
  • Area Codes 512 and 737 are the area codes for Austin, San Marcos, Kyle, Lampasas, Milam, Bastrop, and Central Texas.
  • Area Codes 682 and 817 are the area codes for Arlington, Fort Worth, Grandview, Rhome, and Weatherford.
  • Area Code 806 is the area code for Amarillo, Canadian, Lubbock, Perryton, Dalhart, Shamrock, and Texas Panhandle.
  • Area Code 830 is the area code for Kerrville, Uvalde, New Braunfels, Eagle Pass and Southwest Texas.
  • Area Code 915 is the area code for El Paso County and part of Hudspeth County.
  • Area Code 936 is the area code for Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Conroe, Huntsville, Crockett, Center, and Southeast Texas.
  • Area Code 940 is the area code for Vernon, Wichita Falls, Denton, Gainesville, Decatur and North Texas.
  • Area Code 956 is the area code for Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, and South Texas (May 25, 1997).
  • Area Code 979 is the area code for Bryan, Wharton, Bay City, Lake Jackson, College Station, La Grange and Southeast Texas.

Popular Cell Phone Networks And Network Coverage In Texas

The most popular networks in Texas are AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. If you are getting a call from a cell phone number, it is more than likely from one of these providers.

This guide from WhistleOut shares with us about some interesting coverage finds.

Here Is what they found:
AT&T has the strongest coverage throughout the state of Texas.
Verizon has the second strongest coverage.
Sprint coverage is unreliable throughout Texas.
Whistleout also noted that in isolated areas, coverage was not dependable.

To lookup the full phone number, you can use the Texas Whitepages.

If you have trouble finding the phone records you are looking for, you can try our cell phone directory. We have a reverse phone lookup where you can search any number.

214 Area code

The 214 area code was established in 1947 making it one of the original AT&T area codes.

214 Area code

Weird, Surprising And Interesting Texas State Laws

Do you see a cow but you don’t know it’s owner? In Texas, it’s illegal to milk a strangers cow. If you need the milk, go buy your own cow.

In Texas, you might get in trouble if you litter from a plane (where is the Sky police?)

If you are in San Antonio, you could be prosecuted for flirting publically. (How are you supposed to meet your soulmate in San Antonio?)

It’s illegal to sell your eyes in Texas.

The Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety is illegal in Texas thanks to the formula in the book that is for making beer at home.

Somehow (this baffles me) you can get legally married by announcing your husband and wife publicly by saying it three times.

Don’t sell Limburger cheese on Sunday in Texas, because you could get into trouble.

It is illegal to have (any) open container in a car. This law does not specify what needs to be in the container, only that any open container in the car is illegal.

Don’t take a break if you can’t find a bench in Galveston! If you sit on the sidewalk there, you could be fined a sum of $200.

Need beer? Keep this in mind; In Houston, you won’t be able to buy beer after midnight on Sunday (but hey, you can buy beer on Monday).