How to use Google to Find Phone Numbers (2018 Updated)

With today's advanced technology, it’s never been easier to locate a phone number.

Before November 2010 anyone could do a reverse phone lookup by taking advantage of Google’s phonebook search operator.

Due to an overflow of consumer complaints, Google does not endorse personal telephone and address searches.

However; all is not lost.

Here’s an alternative; the Residential Phonebook service.

Enter a phone number to find the person’s name and address. After entering the person and /or business name, simply hit the enter key or search button to reveal the phone number you’re seeking.

A sample of the result page looks like this. Listings will appear next to a telephone icon. If you need more results, simply click on the link directly above the phone icon and you will be directed to the Residential Phone Book page.

how to google search

how to google search with results

Despite the fact that Google no longer supports personal phone and address searches, there are ways around this. If the number you’re seeking is a private household number the address most likely will not be traceable. However; if that person's name is associated with a social networking site or any other site on the web, the listing will eventually show up!

If it’s a business phone number and/or address you’re hoping to find, your search will have successful results within the first five searches, typically speaking.

While we cannot promise you’ll find the information you’re searching for; we recommend you Google these sites where personal and/or business data is generally found.

Social Networking Sites: These sites are the obvious data locators. More people than ever before can be located on some type of social networking site. Facebook offers opportunities for business networking as a business owner can set up a business page to promote his/her business. Other networking sites include Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

how to locate people on twitter

Tapping into other sources: Other sources such as eBay, Amazon, and even Spotify can reveal the information you’re seeking for. If you know someone's username, you can enter it into the search bar of a particular website. You can also type in the person's email address as well.

Try another search engine to see what is generated: Often times another search engine will generate different results. Examples of other search engines include; Bing, Yahoo,,

Bloggers/Vloggers: Millions of people have taken to this form of internet journaling. Some will pay for domains, while others are using free sites so they can enjoy the wonderful world of blogging. This is where you can easily acquire a persons information by using this simple technique:

Use Google to search within the website. Type in this "username".

Why is a “username” so important?

Once a person's username ID known, literally anyone can find information pertaining to that person. It begins with a simple search on the search engine of your choice, then branches out to social networks, business websites, and blog websites. Once you have acquired your own website, whether it’s for personal or business use; your information becomes public.

Locating a Phone Number Using Google…

Will you always find the number you’re searching for?

When it comes to finding a phone number using Google, we cannot promise you will. There is no guarantee you’ll find the phone number you’re seeking, and that includes even when searching the internet. Many times the number you’re looking for is not listed publically or the phone is a mobile phone; in which case the number you seek will not be found via the internet.

Should you pay for a third-party site to find the information in question for you?

That depends.

If you aren’t able to locate the information in question, be sure to use a reputable site such as National Cell Directory. Many third-party sites are not reliable.

Something to note: Many of these third-party sites claiming they can find the information you’re requesting is wanting to grab your personal information via a credit card, albeit for their “so-called’ services. It's crucial that you choose a reputable site such as National Cell Directory.

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Privacy Concerns…

With more and more third-party apps able to track our everyday lives and our whereabouts, it’s important we protect our privacy.

Regarding Google Chrome; you can go to the advanced settings after clicking the icon in the top-right corner of your screen and select Settings. Go to the Content Settings button. Next, go to Cookies and check "Block third-party cookies and site data".

While we understand the importance of your search, we also encourage you to take precautions and be sure to protect your privacy as well. The internet can lure you into paying for services in attempts to steal YOUR information, all while you’re trying to locate a person's phone number and address.

If You Wish to Have Your Name Removed From the Google Directory:

Even though Google no longer has a public phone book listing, if your information is still listed, it can still be removed from the directory.

Visit Google support for more information on how to remove your information. Lastly, if you have any personal information anywhere else via the internet such as a blog site or a business website; your personal data is most likely stored on the web. This means anyone can acquire your information via these websites.

With cutting edge technology and new advances, there are many advantages when it comes down to locating mobile phone numbers and other pertinent information. Just remember, if you’re able to find information by pressing the Google search bar, or by other internet means-this means others are capable of doing the same.

Google is an excellent way to begin your phone number search. Just remember that there’s no 100% guarantee and always be cautious when it pertains to your personal information.