Cheaters Beware: Your Partner might use a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

"Guilt and no guilt: these were the worst things. The only thing worse than the guilt was the fear of getting caught." - Elin Hilderbrand

Being cheated on is a painful experience, one in which the pain never fully goes away even though it fades over time.

When a partner may think that their spouse is cheating, they begin to notice the signs and often become paranoid. Nowadays, you may think it is easier to cheat because of technology, but unfortunately, you are mistaken.

Attention All Cheaters: Technology may make cheating easy, but also makes it easy to get caught.

There are more ways now than ever to cheat, but there are also many ways to get caught.

Your spouse is more adamant then ever (Thanks to today’s society and technological advances.) to make sure you aren’t cheating.

Even the smallest of signs will turn them into a determined private investigator, and with today’s technological resources it is easy and cheap to find out what your cheating heart is up to.

Don’t believe me?

Here are just a few of the many ways that your partner can monitor your activities and find out whether you are cheating or not:

Installing Spy Software

There are many ways for someone to access all of your “dirt” on your phone and/or computer.

These products cost next to nothing and will help get your cheating rear-end caught.

Check out to see how your partner can catch you by monitoring all communications and behaviors on your smartphone. Your phone calls can be recorded and your phone can be controlled. They can always know your location. Passwords and passcodes are no longer private.

Seriously, they can know about EVERYTHING.

spy people search software

Checking Your Call Log

Storing your secret lover under a different name is an old trick, one that is obvious to pick up on.

Your partner can easily look at your phone and check to see call times and length of calls or even check the phone bill if they have access to it.

They won’t think you are just flirting with Patty from work if you called her at two in the morning last weekend and had her listed as Aunt Renee on your phone.

You are not being smart; you are being obvious.

Doing A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Search

So let’s say that your spouse knows that it isn’t Aunt Renee on the phone with you at two in the morning. Or perhaps whoever your cheating on your spouse with isn’t a contact on your phone, but you might forget to delete your call history, or they may check your phone bill.

There are many ways that your partner can get a hold of the number and search it on leveraging a cell phone directory website.

Check out how you can can located a cell phone number at no cost!

By using one of these websites such as national cellular directory, your partner can access all sorts of information such as contact information, social media profiles, and even THEIR ADDRESS.

Imagine your husband or wife knocking on the door of the person you are having an affair with. Yikes.

Find My IPhone

If you do not want to be caught cheating, you probably shouldn’t have this feature installed on your iPhone, especially if you and your spouse share a phone plan.

If they want to know where you are at 5 A.M. when you say you're going to work early, let's hope they don’t search you and find you at Patty’s apartment.

Especially if your spouse has been there before for a work party and knows that Patty lives on Chestnut street.

Infidelity Testing

This type of investigating is also interesting and at a relatively low cost.

There are places such as Infidelity DNA testing will take those “stains” found on your underwear and see if they are in fact your baby making batter. (Or if you are a female cheating it is someone else’s baby making batter.) Then they check your underwear for the female DNA. The whole process is done in a lab center, and It sounds highly invasive, but so is sharing a life with someone.

Maybe its time to do your laundry if you haven’t started doing it yet.

GPS Trackers

A tracker placed in your car like this Falcon GPS Tracker is small and can easily point to where you are at all times.

This tracker has three methods to help see where you are always and it’s battery lasts two and a half weeks. GPS trackers have a strong appeal to their customers because of the desperation they have to find out if cheaters like you are being faithful or not.

Getting A Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Brick House Security, as well as many other places, sell this techy tool to help catch you in the act without your knowing it. They look just like regular smoke detectors and are easy to use. These camera/smoke detectors are not too pricey and worth it to someone who cares enough about you to keep an eye on you because you can’t behave.

They are so discreet that you may have them at your place right now and not even know.

Can A Cheater Like You Not Get Caught?

As you can see, there are many ways that your spouse can catch you thanks to technology. So if you think you are a sneaking around and being “smart” about it, well your partner just may be much smarter.

In reality, your partner doesn’t even have to be smart, tools like a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Website will do the work for your companion. Do you honestly think that with technology like this, that you can cover ALL of your tracks?

Sounds like a lot of work to me. Maybe you should re-think your life choices and end things with your partner or stop cheating.

The snag about marriage is, it isn´t worth the divorce. - Suzanne Finnamore