How To Find Someone’s Profile On eHarmony

Dating sites are popular places for meeting new friends, finding weekend dates, or to discover your next love interest.

There are many dating sites to choose from, we think eHarmony is a great place to start.

While eHarmony is an excellent option to make new connections, a person's reason for investigating a certain profile sometimes can have nothing to do with finding the perfect love match.

eharmany love match

Websites like eHarmony are breeding grounds for all sorts of scammers. One of the biggest eHarmony scammers are those who try to catfish people who are genuinely seeking love on the website.

Online scammers will use eHarmony to search for people to prey on. Keep this in mind while using a dating site such as eHarmony.

Safety Tip: Always use caller id lookup services to unmask the name behind the number. Find out who's calling you.

If You Think You Are Being catfished…

Being deceived by a catfish is not a situation that anyone wants to be a part of.

Here are some ways to find out fast if the person in question is scamming you:

  • Try calling the person in question. If they never pick up the phone, they could be leading multiple people on or not want you to hear their voice for obvious reasons.
  • They never want to get together. This is a distinct sign because a catfisher is more than likely using a fake profile photo from another person.
  • They don’t have many social media followers or friends. You also may not get a lot of clues about their personal life from their profiles.
  • If their image looks too professional, perform a Google Reverse Image Search if you have a photo of them online.
  • You can also Google their name to see what pops up. If they are a real person, you should be able to find information on them by performing a search. You can also try our people search by name tool.

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Besides online scamming, there are a plethora of other reasons for people to use their dating website.

Here are some other top reasons that people use eHarmony:

  • Rekindling an old love flame.
  • Trust issues with a current love interest.
  • Suspicion of cheating by your current partner.

The Complete Guide On How To Use eHarmony

The search is on.

eharmany search is on

You’re for the one person you hope isn’t cheating on you, or you’ve just begun a relationship with someone who seems “too perfect”.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about your first love and wonder what became of him/her.

You might even be weeding through the website for hints that your love interest is secretly trying to scam you.

Whatever the reason, we think eHarmony is a good dating website to begin your search on.

You may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed regarding your new endeavor.

Here at National Cellular Directory, we have some tips to ease your mind as you begin your adventure in locating the person you’re trying to find.

Tips For a Successful Search on eHarmony

After you've located the dating site, simply type in the person's name and any other pertinent information such as the individual's age, address, and physical features. Physical features include the color of eyes, hair color, build, weight, and any notable features such as scars or tattoos.

Don’t forget to include anything else about the person that stands out, such as special interests, awards, or lifetime achievements.

eharmany tips

Begin with the obvious (besides the name of the person)...

Filtering your search can help you save time.

Let’ begin with the persons age.

The worst case scenario is you don’t quite remember the age of the said person. No problem, you can still narrow things down by knowing the age range and typing it in.

Does this give you an advantage?

That depends on who you are searching for and why.

If the person in question has something to hide then this means they could also be hiding who they really are...including their age.

While some people innocently mark the wrong age in error, shady individuals will lie about their age for various reasons. Some profiles will say single when actually married, while others will post pictures from twenty years ago having no intentions of meeting for obvious reasons.

Type in the person's location.

While eHarmony offers a partial search by typing in the city where you live, you can type in another city and/or zip code when looking for a person.

Keep in mind, if you suspect your new partner is up to no good; chances are that your instincts are right. Most people cheating on the sly are clever enough to try and cover their tracks.

In your case, this makes the search more difficult as their profile information, including their location, could be vicious in nature.

Type in the person's physical traits.

We’ve all heard the saying, “looks can be deceiving”. This is also true when it comes to searching for a person by typing in their physical traits.

Why? While you may consider a person as average, they may see themselves as extremely good looking (a narcissistic trait commonly seen on dating sites). Once again; if the person you’re searching for is shady, they will go to extra lengths to stay undercover.

You can try to find a person on eHarmony by looking for their picture.

Not all McShady’s are clever enough to post a picture that hides their main characteristics.

Typing in the person's nickname or common username.

If your lost love interest or Shady McFly has a nickname, begin with typing in the nickname. The person could be using that same nickname as a username. If this doesn’t work, try to remember any useful usernames (other websites and/or emails) they may have revealed to you.

Looking for Clues...

Perhaps the person you are inquiring about has been in your life for a couple of months.

You may already be privy to some viable information, such as their email username or username for another website they proudly showed you.

Often there are obvious clues right in front of you; their beloved pet, a child's name, a loved one who has passed on or a word they like to use on a regular basis. Sometimes clues are obvious, while other times you may need to solve the enigma one small clue at a time.

eharmany catfish clues

How To Search Anonymously on eHarmony…

What if you simply want to search for someone without that person having the knowledge you viewed them? There’s a premium feature offered by eHarmony allowing you to view anyone anonymously.

This feature is known as Incognito.

What Does This Mean?

Ordinarily, when you are searching for someone on eHarmony they will receive an alert on their dashboard letting them know you have viewed their profile.

If you’re searching for someone because you suspect them of shady behavior or you simply wish to learn more about the new love interest in your life, perhaps you don’t want them knowing you’re playing the role of private-eye.

private eye

Incognito is the ideal choice for staying off the grid and remaining anonymous should you decide to try and locate the person in question.

Your search will remain private as you continue your quest in finding information about the person.

Is Incognito free?

Incognito is a premium feature which means you will need to pay a monthly fee for this feature.

Your bill will be automatically renewed every month for your convenience. This feature is only available to eHarmony subscribers. If you wish to remain anonymous this feature is worth its weight in gold.

How Does It work?

So you decided to purchase this premium feature. What can you expect once you’ve signed up?

eharmany Incognito

Incognito can be turned on or off from the slider button located at the bottom left of your screen while you’re logged into your eHarmony account. You’ll notice that the Incognito button is activated when the button is on, allowing you to do an anonymous search.

If the incognito button is turned off, people will be able to view your name in their activity feed when viewing their profile.

If you’ve found the information you were looking for, you can cancel your subscription any time.

Incognito makes it easy for you to do an anonymous search. The orange color means incognito is off and you are not searching anonymously. Your search has become public, meaning that people can see when you have viewed their profile.

When seeing the green button this means you are now viewing others profiles incognito and they will not know you have viewed them.

Something to remember…

If you are browsing someone’s profile page with your Incognito off and change your mind by turning the incognito button on while you are on their profile, you will not be anonymous. You must turn on the incognito button before doing a search if you wish to remain anonymous.

What's the Difference Between Stalking and Doing Some Harmless Investigating?

eharmany Stalking

There are many tools made available online when trying to find information about a person.

The days of hiring a private detective have come and gone.

Truth be told; anyone can find the scoop on you by doing a little snooping of their own.

One can never be too cautious living in this day and age when it comes to online dating.

Even reputable online dating sites such as eHarmony has its drawbacks.

Keep in mind that you are talking to complete strangers when on these sites.

Dating sites are breeding grounds for all types of people, and this includes those who are posers who do not have the same intentions as you.

You have the right to investigate anyone on any dating site when it concerns meeting a stranger for the first time.

This is to protect you- and it’s in your best interest.

Does this define you as a “stalker”?

Probably not.

Unless you’re parked outside their home or following them to work every day while crouched down inside your car with a camera, you most likely wouldn’t be considered a stalker.

Remember why you initially decided to investigate an individual's profile to begin with. Simply trying to find out more information regarding a person to protect yourself is appropriate behavior.

Unless you are obsessing over the person and it actually leads to some questionable behavior, you shouldn’t worry. As a person who values their emotional and physical safety, doing some research is good for your peace of mind and for your health.

If your intentions are honorable, then you wouldn’t be considered a half-crazed maniac with little else to do but stalk the person in question.

Sometimes we are left with nothing but empty clues.

eharmany empty handed

If the person you’re investigating is a clever poser you may be left empty-handed.

While we understand your frustration, we want you to know all hope is not lost. If you've tried searching on eHarmony for your long-lost love or McShady and still come up with nothing, allow National Cellular Directory to do a reverse phone lookup.

Often a reverse phone lookup reveals the right information you need.

If you still come up empty-handed, it might just be because you found an honest person.

If You Find Incriminating Information…

Each unique situation needs to be treated differently. The shock and disappointment you are experiencing at this moment will over time slowly pass.

What really matters is that you handle the matter with a level head. Stop yourself from doing anything illegal, and don’t do anything that will cause you even more pain.

If you have any success stories to share from using our website (such as catching a cheater), please email us at