How To Stop An Ex From Cyberstalking You

Social media has changed the way that people respond to breakups and past relationships.

Thanks to technology, it is now simple for someone to search their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.

According to Irfan Ahmad, “Facebook has 1.55+ Billion monthly active users who collectively generate 4.5 Billion likes each and every day… more than 2.1 Billion people have social media accounts… Snapchat users watch 4 Billion+ videos per day…”. 100+ Fascinating Social Media Facts and Stats [Infographic].

Considering how simple it is to access to any person in a matter of seconds, it is easy for anyone to take the act of harmless curiosity too far. When this happens, this form of harassment is called cyberstalking.

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Cyberstalking is a highly invasive form of stalking, and the perpetrator will find any way to obsess over their victim.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the nature of stalking and harassment behaviors experienced by victims is 66.7% for unwanted phone calls and messages, and 30.7% for unwanted letters and e-mails. Stalking Victims in the United States- Revised.
If you feel that you are being cyberstalked or know of someone who may be dealing with a cyber stalker, they may be doing more than just stalking you on Facebook. Here are 7 life-saving tips you or the person that you know should do:

1.Change All Of Your Passwords

Make a point to change your passwords on all emails as well as any internet and social media account. Even if you have never given your ex your passwords, you may have accidentally saved them on their computer, or they may have watched you enter your passwords at some point.

Ensure that your passwords are secure and that you only use passwords for secure websites.

Also, having strong passwords will help guarantee that no one can guess them.

2.Removing Computer/Phone Spyware

Your ex may have downloaded spyware into your phone or computer to track and watch you. If this spyware is on your phone or computer, it needs to be immediately taken care of. If you think this has happened to your computer, install spyware removal software. If you think this has happened to your phone, save all your important information unto somewhere safe and then do a factory reset on your phone.

Here are some ways that you can tell if your phone is being tracked.

  • Being hot to the touch
  • Losing battery power quickly
  • Increased data usage

3. Looking Up Unfamiliar Numbers Online

If you are getting tormented by constant texts, calls, and emails, you may need to contact the police. Keep a record of all stalking activities. If you are unfamiliar with a number that is calling and/or texting you, our website National Cellular Directory can do a reverse phone search and find data and information of the individual with that said number so you can know who is calling you.

This reverse phone search can help you find important information about the person such as name and location history.

4.Privacy On Social Media

Turn off anything that can share your location, such as the feature of Nearby Friends on Facebook. If you have an inclination that your ex-has an obsession, you should block them on Facebook and any social media website.

If a friend tags you at a concert or a favorite coffee shop, you don’t want a cyber stalker to know that you are there. Likewise, you should update your privacy settings on social media so that only your friends can see what you share.

TIP Be very careful of new friend requests and make sure you know the person and that they are not mutual friends of your ex. Unfriend mutual friends if you feel it is necessary.

Your ex may use them to track you if he or she is desperate enough. Your safety comes first, and you cannot be too cautious about a stalking situation. Remember, stalkers only care about their obsession, which is keeping track of you.

They do not care about your happiness or safety.

5. Online Background Checks

In the event of someone cyberstalking you, doing an online background check is important.

Doing a background check will show you where people can find information about you and will help determine what accounts to delete and what ones to keep.

Make sure all social profiles are private and that no one can see anything on them unless you approve.

6. Remember That Cyberstalkers Are Desperate

Cyberstalkers may go to any length just to know what you are doing.

There are countless victims of cyberstalking that have shared their story in regards to how their perpetrator stalked them.

For example, Suzanna Quintana was stalked by her ex-husband by a credit monitoring system called Lifelock. Read More

7.The Most Important Step When You Are Being Stalked

It is crucial for your safety to keep a record of stalking activities.

This is important because having recorded documentation to use as evidence will help you get a restraining order if necessary. If you are worried about your immediate safety call 911. Stalking can become dangerous, so never hesitate to call 911 and remember to remain calm while on the phone with a dispatcher.

Remember that you can never be too careful in a stalking situation.