Sending Text Messages Through Your Email (Beginners Guide)

Learn how to send a text message through email is a vital skill to learn. (No one will tell you!)

Did you know that less than 25% of emails are read AND 99% of text message are read.

Imagine this: You lost your phone and your friend that you meet up with never checks her social media accounts, so you can’t communicate with her that way.

Or perhaps your cell phone carrier is having issues in your area. Even Verizon, the nation’s most reliable cell-phone network, often has power outages.

Having a backup plan in instances like this is always a good idea. As you can see, there are many benefits to learning how to communicate via text or call besides using cellular data.

Luckily in our fast-paced world of instant communication, there are many ways to send and receive information via computers and mobile devices.

why send text through email

What if I want to call someone using my email?

You can! We will discuss that later in the article.

Sending a text though your email.

Did you know that you can send people text messages directly from an email account? One of the lesser known ways to communicate is by sending text messages and multimedia messages, and it’s extremely simple.

If an email is sent to a device’s email address, it will be delivered as text, picture, or video message to that device.

Email-to-text message preferences can be managed online, including creating an email address and managing messages coming into the device.

There are a few simple steps to accomplish email-to-text messaging:

To start, you need to get the recipient’s cell phone carrier. It is not possible to send a text via email without this information.

How to find a person’s cell phone carrier information.

You can easily find someone’s cell phone carrier with a people search company such as National Cellular Directory. People search websites are designed and created for the specific purpose of connecting people with one another.

Here’s how to find someone’s cell phone carrier information:

Create an account with National Cellular Directory if you aren’t already a customer. It only takes a few moments.

Enter the person number you wish to text via email on our Reverse Phone Lookup box.

After you hit search, our company will run a comprehensive search, and your report should be generated in about 15 seconds.

Hit Add To Cart and then press Process My Report And See Results.

Finding Out What The Carrier’s Email Pathway Is

After you gather the results and have the person’s carrier information, the next step is to find out what the carrier’s email pathway is. Then just simply enter their number followed by the email pathway.

Luckily for you, we have created a chart with what each of the popular carrier’s email pathways is:

carrier email text message list

As you can see, each of the different carriers (i.e., Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) will have their specific email pathway that will allow the email to be sent to the recipient’s device.

Creating The Email

Step 01 Again, once you find out the email pathway just enter the phone number and specific carrier pathway in the “To” field of your email.

Step 02 After that, enter the text you wish you send in the body of the email. Including a “subject” is possible but will end up counting towards the character limit in the text (which is usually around 160 characters).

Key Tip: Remember that punctuations and spaces count toward your character limit.

If your content exceeds the minimum it will be sent as multiple messages. While there is no charge to send a message, it is important to be aware that your recipient may be subject to normal texting charges for each message.

Step 03 Send your email-to-text message as you would normally send an email. The recipient will receive it and will be able to respond in the same manner they would like any other text.

Step 04 When you receive a reply, it will be sent to the account from which it was originally sent. Unlike a regular email, however, it will show up as a “text file” attached to a blank message.

Finally Simply click the attachment to open it or open it with a file reader on your computer.

Please note: some cell phones cannot receive MMS even when sent from an email. If you are unsuccessful despite having all the appropriate information, it is possible that the cell phone you are trying to message does not accept these types of messages.

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A Detailed Guide To Finding Someone’s Cell Phone Carrier.

Find a people search website like National Cellular Directory.

Our company has a free Happy Hour daily where you can find out the carrier information at no cost to you through our Reverse Phone Lookup tool.

Step 01 - Create an account.

We will ask for some basic information. You will need to enter your credit card information but will not be charged just be creating an account. The only time you will be charged is if you choose to make a purchase.

After you create an account.

Step 02 - Check Social Media

Once you create an account with us, check to see when Happy Hour is. You can do that by looking on Facebook or Twitter. We also have a Happy Hour page where you can sign up for alerts.

Step 03 - Sign up for Happy Hour Alerts here.

carrier lookup sign up

Other options outside of our Happy Hour.

If you don’t want to do the Happy Hour, you can also sign up for our 99-cent trial. Additionally, you can directly sign up for a monthly subscription.

Quick Tip: We are the only people search company out there that offers a free Happy Hour EVERYDAY.

Check out our Simple Guide on How to do a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup (No Cost)

Now that you picked your choice, it’s time to search the number.

Step 01: Take the person’s number you want to search and perform a Reverse Phone Lookup Search. Make sure that the website you use has the carrier information included in the Reverse Phone Lookup search as we do.

Step 02: To Perform the Reverse Phone Lookup search on National Cellular Directory, make sure you login to your account before beginning your search.

If you want to perform the search for free, make sure its Happy Hour. It should look like this:

cell phone lookup happy hour

Step 03: You then want to click the “Run Free Searches Now” text and choose the Reverse Phone Lookup Option. Enter the information and perform the search.

Finally: If you don’t want to wait for Happy Hour, simply log in, perform the Reverse Phone Lookup search (select a payment option if you haven’t already) and then get your results!

Getting Someone’s Carrier Information Is Important And Relatively Easy

Locating carrier information on the person you are trying to get ahold of is crucial because you need it to send out an email in order to text message.

Unless you can ask them personally, this is the only way to find out what cell phone carrier a person has.

People search websites such as ours really can help anyone find who they are looking for. The difference between our website and other people search websites is that we provide our information for free as long as you follow the correct steps as described above.

I’d also like to add that on top of our website having a free and trial option, National Cellular Directory is also very easy to navigate, and yields results much faster than most people search websites.

What If I Want To Call Someone Using My Email?

That’s a great question, and yes, it is possible. If you have a Gmail account, you can call someone from your Gmail. There are only a few easy steps to set up calls.

If you don’t have access to your phone and need to make calls, you can use Google Hangouts to call any phone number. All you need is a device with microphone access and a Gmail account.

Google is known to have great insight on what people would benefit from in their life. They are a company that knows how to build useful internet tools.

That’s why they have made it possible for their Gmail account holders to make calls while in their email. This feature is not only free for most calls, but it’s also highly convenient.

For example, if you are on your computer working, making a quick call through your email may be a better option than your phone.

To make calls on your Gmail Account:

Step 01 Install Google Hangouts Plugin if you haven’t already.

Step 02 Click on the phone icon on the bottom right side of Gmail. (Or alternatively you can click “Make A Call”.)

Step 03 Type in a number and it will tell you if there is a charge. Calls to U.S. and Canada are free.

Step 04 Give Google Hangouts access to your microphone if you haven’t already.

Step 05 Give the person a call.

There are many advantages to getting a Gmail account and installing Google Hangouts outside of being able to make calls.

Here are some of the other ways to communicate on Google Hangouts:

Group Chat Features- Chat with one of multiple people.

Video Conferencing- Video calling and screen sharing.

Webcasting- Livestream meetings.

Presence- See what connections are currently online.

Alternatively, if you don’t want a Google Hangouts account, you can also now make calls on your Facebook Messenger.

Click here for more alternative options to make calls online.

To make calls via Facebook Messenger:

Open your Facebook Messenger.

Find who you want to call.

Select the call or video call button depending on your preferences.

Make the call! You can choose between voice calls or video calls.

How To Boost Your Cellular Signal

As stated previously, the top wireless carriers in the US in 2018 include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

However, even customers that use one of these top wireless carriers can sometimes find themselves with a weak signal, even in their own home.

Verizon is known for their reliability, but even they don’t cover the full map for cell coverage in North America.

Furthermore, having weak or unreliable signal strength on your phone may not be your carriers fault, there are many other variables as to why you are getting the service that you need.

Some of the reasons are:

1. The weather can affect signal strength. Rain, dusty wind, snow or even an increase in humidity can decrease your signal.

2. If you are in heavy traffic or big crowds, the quality of your signal can go down because too many people in your area are trying to use their phones, which can overload the nearby cellular towers.

3. It’s a well-known fact that signals have a lot of trouble going through metal and other conductive materials. A poor signal can be due to the metal construction material that may be surrounding you.

4. Check where your nearest cell tower is. The farther you are from one, the more likely it is that you will have poor reception.

5. Your device could be having technical issues. There are a plethora of reasons that this may be the case.

If you have one of these cellular providers and still have trouble getting a strong cellular signal, read this complete guide on how you can get a stronger cell signal.

Here Is My Proposal To You

Technology is always changing.

However, you know as well as I do that connecting with the people in your life will always be important.

Challenge yourself by connecting with someone in your life in a new way. It’s hard to break old habits but using your cell phone to call and text from is now becoming an older way to communicate. Being able to keep up with technology is very important in order to advance in our information-intensive industry.

To help out, here are some new ways of communication that you can try:

Find out what carrier the person you’re trying to get ahold of has used a reverse phone lookup site, then find out what their carrier email pathway is and send them a text through email. Once you do this, it will be easy to do in the future when you might need to.

Use your Gmail account to make calls by installing Google Hangouts. You can also use Google Hangouts for their group chat features and other great bonus options.

Using Facebook messenger to call, video call, or chat.

Tip: Checkout our Complete Guide on How to Find Someone's Mobile Phone Number

Technology will change tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.

I’m sure that in no time there will be new ways to get in touch with someone. It’s hard to make any futuristic predictions about how rapid advancement in technology is becoming.

Our only hope at National Cellular Directory is that robots won’t take over the human race. But we can’t guarantee that it won’t happen.