Catching Your Cheating Partner With A Deep Web Search

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If you have a feeling that your partner is cheating because you sense that something is just not right, you need to put that unease to rest.

By not listening to your gut, you may pay a heavy price. The longer you wait; the bigger the price you may pay.

Unfortunately (in the golden age of deceit) you cannot listen to a person that offers you the advice to trust your partner and to not question anything in your relationship.

They may say

Relationships are built off trust

However, cheaters are great at lying and can easily make themselves appear innocent. Their friends might not even know about their infidelity. If a cheater can keep their cheating ways from their partner, they can keep them from everyone else, too.

In fact, even if you are in a good relationship, note this: It is statistically proven that even people who are happily married cheat.

Again, you put yourself at risk by not exploring your feelings. Even if there is nothing going on behind your back, you’re going to wonder if there is.

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Why You Should Do A Deep Web Search On Your Partner

Think About This: What there is something going on and you do choose to blindly trust your partner?

Several things could go wrong.

Your partner could get someone else pregnant (or become pregnant with another person’s baby). They could give you a disease, they could drain your bank account.


Please keep this thought in mind if everyone else around you is telling you that your partner would never cheat.

Despite everyone else’s reassurances, you might need to consider that this person is just really good at lying. Or perhaps maybe everyone else is right, but you need to think of your own safety and confirm whether or not your intuition was right. At the very least your mental clarity will be restored.

My advice to you is to explore your feelings. However, catching a cheater isn’t as easy as it sounds. Back in the day when the internet was really simple, it was much easier to find out if your significant other was talking to someone. Now, the Internet is much more complex. There are websites for married people that are very confidential, deleted browser history, catfishing, hidden websites from search engines, and so much more.

To top it all off, cheaters are pathological liars, and if you want to catch someone and do it fast before you invest even more of your life with them, you need to dig deep with a deep web search engine or deep web search tool.

Remember, doing a deep web search is different than simply typing in a person’s name or phone number on Google.

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How to Do A Deep Web Search on Someone

Start by Testing Your Cheating Partner

Let’s see if you have a reason to be suspicious, or if you can catch them by doing some simple detective work.

To start, ask them if you can look at their phone with all of their accounts logged in. That includes social media. Have them login to their bank accounts. Check their browser history.

If they are out-of-town or if you are in a long-distance relationship, ask to Facetime them several times to see if they are available each time. Or randomly just Facetime them and see if they pickup.

Additionally, ask them to turn on their Find My Phone feature so you can see where they are when you want to.

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If that’s not going well…

Check the garbage.

This sounds dirty but can be fun if you get some rubber gloves and disinfectant spray. Put on the gloves, spray the garbage and wait thirty seconds. Then, dig through the trash and see if there is anything you can find.

Do this a few times over a short period of time just to make sure. Cheaters don’t typically expect you to dig through their trash as long as you haven’t given them any clues that you are on to them. You may have to piece some ripped paper if they have torn some bills or other things.

Check their phone bill.

If they won’t share with you this information, or if you see their phone and you are still suspicious (they may have “secret” accounts, and/or delete their history or hide apps) it’s time to move on to the investigation.

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Use A People Search Service to Access the Deep Web

It’s best to start simple. Using a deep web search tool such as a people search website and performing a search by name lookup or a reverse phone lookup can give you some clues to if your partner is cheating on you. You can pull up information that you wouldn’t typically find when using Google or another popular search engine.

Here are A Few Things A $4.99 trial with National Cellular Directory can provide you:

  • For under $5, you gain access to 21 Premium Searches. If you need to perform searches under multiple names, phone numbers, and even reverse address searches you can use these 21 searches to perform these lookups.
  • You can find out what phone numbers belong to them now and in the past.
  • You can find out relationships to see who they are related to.
  • Email information to see if they have any hidden emails.
  • Social profiles to see if they have hidden social profiles.
  • Images information that may prove a hidden lifestyle.
  • Carrier information.
  • Educational information to see if they are lying about their professional history.

People search companies such as ours are designed to pull information on almost anyone. Doing a search during our free Happy Hour or signing up for our premium trial may yield the results that you need as we do the work for you.

If all it takes is $4.99 for a people search company to do the work for you, why not give it a try?

Do A More Thorough Google Search

I’m sure by now you have already searched your partner’s name on Google. However, there are a few other search methods.

Perform A Social Media Account Deep Web Search

To start, try typing their name on Google with the social media accounts that you think your partner is on. For example:

“John Doe Twitter”.

If you are checking up on your wife, try using her maiden name as well if she changed her name when you are married. You can also try nicknames or any other names that they have used in the past.

Perform A Deep Web Search With Their Username

You can find hidden profiles if you know a person’s username for one of their accounts.

Additionally, if you found any of their secret email addresses that you found using a people search service, you can use that as a possible username.

Many websites use email addresses as their usernames. Another option is to take the email address, remove the domain and then search that as well.

For example. If the email address was


You can also try other search engines besides google such as:

  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo

You can use these search engines to lookup usernames, numbers, etc. Although Google is powerful, it doesn’t have all of the answers. In fact, it is said that Google only finds 1% of what is online. That is why it is necessary to use services and search the deep web.

How Do I Actually Enter The Deep Web?

You need to be careful with how you approach looking further. Going even further into the deep web may actually result in you entering the dark web, where a lot of illegal websites are hidden.

The dark web is a host to many illegal activities such as drug selling.

There are many perfectly legal sites on the deep web that just aren’t indexed by Google or by other popular search engines. These could be secret dating websites, or websites that just aren’t smart at optimizing their website. Additionally, some websites intentionally hide information from Google and other search engines for privacy purposes.

This information can include:

  • Records such as medical records
  • Subscription-based content
  • Legal Documents
  • Academic Databases
  • And more…

Either way, there is lots of information to be found about almost anyone by digging deeper.

That being said, if you want to search further but don’t want to get risky it may be best to hire a private investigator. They can do a deep web search for you or follow them around.

If you do choose to search using a deep web search engine, do so at your own risk. There are special deep web search engines that you can download online that are designed specifically for searching the deep web. However, I must again emphasize that you do so at your own risk as you can get into some trouble, legally and otherwise.

If You Found Out Though This Process That Your Partner Is Having an Affair Or Is Involved In Other Shady Activities…

The next steps you take may depend on how you found out. If your partner is upfront and honest about what happened and explains their actions (without actually making excuses), you may be able to work things out if the both of you are willing.

Sometimes when two people start drifting apart, one person may experience extreme sadness or other emotion that they do not know how to process. They also may have low self-esteem and seek comfort from another person to boost their own ego.

While selfish, it can be forgivable if you think that they are being upfront and if they are not a repeat offender. Each situation is unique and needs to be handled so. Whatever the case, if you choose to not leave your partner, there will be a process where you will need to aggressively work on your relationship.

If Your Partner Is A Liar And/Or A Repeat Offender…

Let’s say you did some deep web searching and found out some not so faithful actions were being performed or had been performed by your partner. If they never fess up unless you show them the evidence, how could you trust them again? Even if they say that they are going to change… that is up to you, my friend. However, you would have to be willing to take a huge risk to try and fight for your relationship to continue.

And if this isn’t the first time your partner has stepped outside of the fence, how do you know that it won’t happen again?

Old habits die hard.

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To Sum This Depressing Article Up

I know hearing this is hard.

You may want to keep things the way that they are.

Maybe, even if you think your partner is a cheater or is dealing in other shady activities, you guys are comfortable with each other. Perhaps you have kids. Maybe your partner is threatening or abusive and you need to be careful. Either way, you need to think of your well-being (and if you have kids, their well-being).

If you are in danger make sure to be careful. There are resources that can help you if you need to be safe such as the domestic violence hotline.