7 Sneaky Apps that will Hack your Love Relationship

Technology has had a bad rap regarding relationships. People have been caught cheating on online dating sites, and no one can forget about the Ashley Madison scandal.

However, technology can improve relationships, depending on the couple as well as the work they are willing to put into keeping their relationship fresh.

Here are seven apps that are great for relationship building.

01. Raft- Couple Calendar App

Currently has 4.5 stars on the App Store.

We all know that life gets busy. But finding time as a couple to spend together is what keeps any love relationship alive.

Enter the Raft Calendar App.

This app lets you sink schedules with not just your significant other but anyone else important in your life. If you need to make sure you fit in time for your aunt Mildred or your buddy Jamie as well as your life partner this app is perfect for you.

It keeps some events private and some public according to the user’s needs. There is also the option to add an image or Gif to an event being planned to build up excitement.


02. Love Quotes

Currently has 4.7 stars on the App Store.

This app is highly rated and has thousands of options for couples to choose from! There are lovely quotes and photos to spark any relationship.

It’s an easy to use app that provides a way to strengthen the bond between romantic relationships and guides you in using the perfect words of affirmation and visuals for your partner.

Skol Games App

03. Lasting: Marriage Health App

Currently has 4.6 stars on the App Store.

This app is great for newlyweds or couples that have been hitched for longer than they may remember. It really can help any romantic relationship.

Lasting: Marriage Health App has hundreds of sessions that help with various aspects of relationships; from money to communication to parenthood. You don’t have to married to use this app with your partner.

Knot App

04. Honeyfi

Currently has 4.8 stars on the App Store.

Money causes more fights than anything in relationships. Psychology Today states that 7 out of ten couples feel pressure in their relationship because of money.

The HoneyFi app is perfect because it’s geared towards couples budgeting. It allows couples to strengthen their bond through budgeting by allowing them to plan their budget together.

This app helps couples reach financial goals together, save for a couple’s vacation, or even for matching tattoos. (Whatever floats your boat.)

HoneyFi App

05. Care.com

Currently has 4.6 stars on the App Store.

Life gets busy, but it’s important never to get too busy that your love relationship goes down the drain.

Along with the Raft- Couple Calendar App; this app helps relieve stress and provide a way for couples to spend time with one another.

Through Care.com, you can legally hire a babysitter, nanny, housekeeping, pet care, etc. and negotiate a rate and hours you want them available on whatever basis necessary. There are also professionals available for hire for a one time or occasional basis.

Care App

06. Between, The App Couples Love

Currently has 4.8 stars on the App Store.

Between is a great app for any love relationship at any age, but I think it is especially great for new couples. It helps couples communicate more efficiently, and privately. There are a private messenger and place to store photos within the app.


07. 7 Cups- Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Currently has 4.0 stars on the App Store.

Sometimes life has its moments.

7 Cups- Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression is a great app for anyone who is going through trials. To have healthy relationships one must take care of their mental health as well.

The app sends inspiring messages every day and connects people with one another around the world. The app’s users can get in touch with listeners at any point in time. There are free options and paid options, but anyone can have access to a listener at no cost.

7 Cups of Tea App


If you love the one you’re with, you can use technology to your advantage. Take some time to look at the apps above and think about what you need in life as well as what apps you and your partner can benefit from.

Your significant other may be impressed that you have taken something that couples have issues over (the cell phone) and have spun it into something positive. It will create an even closer bond between you and the love of your life.