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Online Tools that Expert Sales Professionals Use to Get More Customers

Are you looking for ways to find customers online, yet you’re oblivious about where to start?

Sure. There might be gazillions of articles on the web about how and where to find customers online, but the question is, are the tips shared on these guides even actionable enough for you to be able to use it?

If you’re sick and tired of seeing vague and useless tips like, “Use social media”, “create a blog”, or “use paid ads” (among others), then you’re in the right place. I will share with you 7 online tools that you can use to find more customers online.

Here’s my promise

Since I myself am tired of reading vague tips on how and where to find customers, I promise you that the tips that I’ll be sharing with you are highly actionable, and will get you real results.

Getting more customers online doesn’t have to be rocket science. With the right tools in place, perseverance, and a little bit of creativity, you should be able to gather a list of warm leads online which you can reach out to, then pitch your services.

Let’s get it started.

1. Use

While Talkwalker is often times marketed as a social listening tool to learn about what others are saying about your brand, it can be used as a means for sales professionals to find more customers.

TalkWalker has a feature called TalkWalker Alerts where it sends you alerts via email everytime someone mentions the specific keywords (or keyword phrase) that you want to track.

Step 2 - So you might be wondering, “How does tracking certain keywords help me get more customers?”

I’m glad you asked.

Imagine this.

Supposing your business is about creating websites for business owners in Texas. You then use Talkwalker Alerts to track the keywords “I need a web developer from Texas”.

At this point, TalkWalker will scour the web regularly for these keywords. And when they found someone who published something saying “I need a web developer from Texas”, you will then receive an alert from TalkWalker Alerts which contains the link where you can find the mentioned phrase.

Once you receive the alert, you can then click the link and learn more about the person who needs your services. If you can obtain their names and addresses, then you’re pretty much good to go since you can look up their cell phone number using these details and start calling them.

Click here to learn how you can obtain their cell phone number using their names and addresses only.

Important note: for better results, use keywords with that show buying intent. Example. If you’re selling a car, you can add the keywords “buy a car”, “where to buy a car”, or “cars for sale in (state)” (among others). As you can probably imagine, the chances are good that the people typing in these keywords are looking to buy a car, and not just simply trying to learn about cars.

However, if you’ll track the keywords, “best cars in (state)”, or “car maintenance hacks” (among others), the chances are good that you’ll get someone who’s wanting to learn more about cars, but aren’t necessarily looking to buy one.

Strategic Relationships Let’s imagine that the company you are representing is a video production company.

If you want to leverage in establishing strategic relationships, one of the best people (company) you can approach are internet marketers - ideally YouTube marketers.

A good number of these YouTube marketers do not create the actual videos for their clients, they merely market the videos that their clients provide them.

Do you see the opportunity here?

When these YouTube marketers are approached by their prospect clients, they can easily refer to you their clients who do not have any videos.

Of course, in relationships like these, you need to be able to offer them something to make it worth their time to refer their clients (or prospective clients). In most cases, a decent referral fee is good enough.

The idea is to look for other service providers that your prospect clients would probably hang-out with. Once you find out who these service providers are, build a relationship with them and offer them something that would entice them to refer to you some of their clients.

Finding these service providers is a cinch by the way. Doing a quick Google search will give you TONS of results.

3. Use

3. Use
Ever heard of

If you haven’t, then you’ll be amazed at what this tool can do for you.

Just so you can fully appreciate the value of using this tool, allow me to share with you these Twitter statistics first:

  • There are more than 284 million active Twitter users monthly, 80 percent of which are using mobile devices to tweet (source Twitter)
  • 316 million monthly active users (source Twitter)
  • Estimated number of Twitter users in the USA by 2018 – 66 million - (source
  • 74% of Twitter users follows SMBs on the platform to get product updates - (source
  • 33% of American Teens use Twitter - (source
Having seen the stats, you should now have a solid idea of how powerful using Twitter is when it comes to getting more customers online.

Now let’s get back to Twibble and what exactly it can do for you:
  • It can help you grow your number of followers - passively.
  • It can help you with publishing regular and targeted Twitter updates - passively.
  • It can help you network with your customers or influencers - passively.
  • It can help make you look like an authority in your industry - passively.

Friends, you read it right. You can enjoy the benefits that I shared above without you having to do a single thing.

Well… you just have to set up Twibble once, but after that, you should be good to go.

Critical points that you need to remember when setting up your Twibble feeds:
  • When selecting which website’s news feeds to add, be sure to go for authority websites that have millions of monthly traffic. Website’s like Forbes, CNN, Huffington, etc…
  • Make sure that the website you selected is relevant to your niche. It wouldn’t make sense for you to keep Tweeting about business when your target audience are moms looking for breastfeedings tips, right?
  • Be sure to use the “Filters” section to keep your posts as relevant as possible.
  • Don’t add too many hashtags. The more characters you leave for the title, the better it is since it makes your post more descriptive.
  • Be sure to turn on the “Attached Feature Image”.

By the way, did I mention that Twibble is free?

With their free subscription, you can activate a maximum of 5 feeds. If you’d like to unlock more features and add more feeds, then you can upgrade your subscription for only $10 per month.

When using Twibble, you’ll have people Tweeting you their “Thank Yous” because you shared their article. When in reality, all of your Tweets are automated since it is done by Twibble.

When people start contacting you even just to say thank you, you can easily use this as your entry point to close them as your customers, or establish a relationship with them so they can help you grow your business. And you do that by starting a conversation. These are some of the important points that I consider when starting a conversation:

Use a conversational tone. If you're addressing them as mr. or ma'am, them you're probably doing it all wrong already. Just use their first names. Don't talk about yourself. Talk about them instead. This shows that you are generally interested about who they are. Use open ended questions. Questions like Make sure that you are using the same lingo as they are, otherwise you'll alienate them. Don't pitch your services in your first contact with them. I have found that pitching on the 3rd or 4th message tends to work better. Of course, this depends on how your conversation with them is going.

4. Use Linkedin.

4. Use Linkedin.
Using Linkedin is pretty self explanatory. Since all the users of this platform are pretty much professionals or business owners, all you need to do is type in your keyword in Linkedin’s search engine, then mine the results that Linkedin will show you.

What if you don’t have enough followers in Linkedin, you might ask? #Noproblem

The thing is, you don’t really need to be connected with your prospect clients. All you need is their first and last names, and the city and state that they are from. Once you have these details, you can now obtain their cellphone numbers and start calling them.

The good news is, you don’t have to do that much digging.

After typing in your keyword on Linkedin’s search engine, the information will already be made available to you.

Here’s how it looks like.
Can you see where we’re headed with this strategy?

Supposing you have a content creation business, wouldn’t internet marketers be a good prospect customer for your business?

At this point, since you’ve already obtain a list of internet marketers from Linkedin’s search engine, all you need to do is contact them and ask if there is an opportunity for the both of you to collaborate.

5. Use Twitter hashtags.

5. Use Twitter hashtags.
Use relevant hashtags to find people that are interested in buying your products.

Here’s an example… supposing you are into selling blenders; you can use Twitter’s search engine by typing in hashtags like #healthjunkie.

Doing so will prompt Twitter to comeback with people who used the hashtag, which in most cases, are those who are keen about having good health and staying in shape.

Since you are selling blenders, they’re without a doubt one of the best people to sell your products to.

You then have to click their profile, and take note of their name and address. NCD
Click here to learn how you can obtain their cell phone number using their names and addresses only.

6. Niche-related Forums.

Looking at this strategy in a bird’s-eye view, you’ll quickly realize why using niche-related forums is such a powerful and effective strategy to get more customers online.

Consider this…
  • People who hangout on forums are usually very passionate about their topics of interest. So much that they take the time to follow what’s happening on their threads, so they can hop right in and share their thoughts on other people’s comments.
  • The customers you can get from forums usually have a network of like-minded people that might as well be interested on the same product which your customer bought from you. At this point, you can leverage on word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The quality of leads that you can get from forums is blazing hot. Since they are crazy passionate about your niche, educating, and selling your services to them should be easier (comparatively speaking).
Allow me to walk you through this strategy.

The first thing you need to do is look for the actual forums that cater specifically to your niche. To do this, I simply use Google’s advanced search query.

Here’s the search query that I use → “Keyword phrase” + Forums

Let’s say you are selling a fitness product, you can use this sample search query → "Fitness expert" + Forums

After you hit “search” Google should bring back TONS of fitness related forums.

Here’s what I got from Google after typing in that search query. Google Forums Search
* Note - you can replace the “keyword phrase” with other variations. Be creative. Just make sure that it closely relates to your niche. A good replacement for the keyword phrase that I use above would probably be “weight loss”, “improve health”, you get the picture...

Now that you have all of these niche-related forums in front of you, all you need to do is go through each of them, and start interacting with the users.

However, don’t just jump right in and start commenting on about every topic you can lay your eyes on. There is a smart way of going about this.

Instead of just randomly selecting which threads to comment, you need to look for the “Hot Threads”, or those that are featured.

Another tip is for you to check-out the statistics of the thread first, as far as how many views or comments it has garnered (among others).

On the search result that I shared above, you’ll get to this page if you’ll click the second result.

Once you’ve landed on threads that have a decent amount of engagement, you can then start interacting and building relationships with the users.

Another strategy is to view their personal profiles, then look-up their names and addresses. Once you have list of prospects that’s sizeable enough, you can start cold calling them.

Click here to learn how you can find their cell phone number using their names and addresses.

7. Use Q&A sites.

When you are viewed as an expert in your industry, people will tend to come to you for your services - instead of the other way around.

Now the question becomes, “How can you establish your personal brand as an expert in your niche?”

While there are several ways to go about this, one of my favorites is to frequent on Q&A sites.

So the strategy here is pretty cut-and-dry:

  • Visit different Q&A sites.
  • Sign-up. Create a complete profile that conveys your professionalism and expertise in your field.
  • Use the website's search engine to look for the questions being asked about your niche.
  • Answer the questions comprehensively. Remember that your answer is the basis on whether or not your prospects view you as an expert, so give it your best shot - all the time.
  • Leave a clear call-to-action (as much as you can for as long as it makes sense) on every entry that you make.

The last bit is quite important. Sadly, not many people are capitalizing on that. All they do is answer questions, and sometimes even wish the OP (original poster) the best of luck. While that is OK, it certainly is lacking.All you’ll end-up doing is solving other people’s problems, without getting a single customer.

If you follow the steps I shared above, however, you’ll get very different results.

Here are the kind of benefits you can get if you’ll act on the points that I shared above:
  • People will view you as an expert because your answers are comprehensive and value-packed; therefore, solidifying your personal brand as an authority in your industry.
  • Several other users will be able to see your answers. That said, you get more mileage for your answers since people who have the same questions will end-up seeing your answers too.
  • Passive marketing. You do it once, and it’ll pretty much be there for as long as the website stays live. Now imagine what will happen if you answered hundreds of these questions? Pretty powerful huh? Can you see the potential of this strategy?
  • Because you left a clear call-to-action on your entries, they can easily contact you for your services.

Allow me to share with you 2 of my favorite Q&A sites:

* Important tip - If you’re going to look for other Q&A sites apart from Quora and Yahoo Answers, be sure to check the website’s monthly traffic. This is so for you know if investing your time on that specific website is worth your time. After all, no matter how comprehensive and well written your answers are, if no one’s reading your answers, then it would have all been for nought.

To figure out what your prospect Q&A website’s monthly traffic is, you can use Simply type in the Q&A website on Similarweb’s search box, and click “search”. Enter the Q&A Website
Once the search result comes up, you can then view the “Engagement” section. Engagement
I usually don’t go for websites that have a monthly traffic that’s less than 10,000.

In addition to the website’s monthly traffic, please make sure that the website’s visitors are from relevant countries. Relevent Traffic
Also, instead of just connecting with your prospects through the Q&A sites, you can contact them through their cell phones by looking up their number using our name and address search.

Tying them together - what’s with getting their names and addresses?

You must be wondering why I keep asking you again and again to get your prospects’ names and addresses.

Well, the reason being is that with just these details, you can easily look-up their cellphone number using our “Search By Name” feature; and if that isn’t good enough, you can also use our Happy Hour option where you can do premium searches for free.

While you may be able to contact your prospect customers using email, skype, or through other methods, I strongly suggest that you contact them via their cellphones.

Depending on how you position yourself, your enthusiasm, and your choice of words (among others), you’ll find that doing cold calls can be quite rewarding for you as far as closing more sales.

How do we know, you might ask?

We’ve been sending regular short surveys to our existing customers and the results are almost always positive.

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