Changing Passwords Before you Breakup (Must Do)

The average person will break up with at least one partner in their lifetime, and the majority of the time doing the breaking up is easier than being the one broken up with.

Ending a relationship is an emotional affair, and sometimes the act can cause bitterness and jealousy as well as the desire to seek revenge.

This can prompt some significant issues on the off chance that your ex can access your account, and there are numerous reasons that one should change the passwords that their ex-knows.

For instance, your ex could jab around your social media or email accounts.

They will have the capacity to know more about your personal life, they can read your messages or emails, and they could be sending inappropriate material that would slander you.

Safety Tip: If they are cyberstalking you, it is important to take action for your own safety. These steps are important because your life could be in danger.

Another thing that can be in danger due to an unhappy ex? Your credit card and bank accounts. Your ex can also purchase things on websites where your credit card information is saved as well as take a peek at your bank information. You should never give your significant-other access to these passwords unless you are married and have the same account.

You also may want a clean breakup after you separate. After separation, it is wise to cut any ties with the person you are separating from, and by changing your passwords, you can do so.

Social Media Tip

Removing them as social media friends may be logical, as well. It’s great to remain civil if at all possible but that doesn’t mean sharing passwords or being online amigos.

Additionally, erase anything racy or private you have sent your ex off their phone before a breakup if you know their phone password. That way they can’t share that information with others.

Password Protection Tip

It is crucial to change your passwords and delete private data if you are the one breaking up with your partner BEFORE you break up.

Nothing is wrong with sharing your passwords for the sake of a relationship, but when you feel like the end is near its time to change them! You may think “They would never do that,” but how do you know? Numerous people think that things will remain amicable after separation and they end up being mistaken.

Sad, bitter, jealous, these are only a few adjectives to describe how someone feels after they are broken up with.

If you don’t take the responsibility of changing your passwords before or shortly after a breakup, your ex may handle these emotions in the wrong manner.

Why take the risk?

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum…

If you think that you want to get revenge- you don’t. Nothing is satisfying about revenge, the act may give you a moment of comfort, but afterward, there will be guilt. You will still be single and distressed after the revenge is over.

In truth, the act of revenge will remind of your breakup for the rest of your life, and people will think you are a jerk.

Also, legal action may be taken against you. If you are considering doing this, most maturely and quickly possible contact your ex and tell him or her to change their passwords.


After that, just take time to process the breakup and surround yourself with people that love and support you. Make sure to continue doing your favorite things instead of sitting around and thinking about your breakup.

After a while, time will help soften the blow and hopefully, you will meet someone who is more compatible for you.