What To Do When You Get A Strangers Number At The Bar

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” - Ernest Hemingway

When Your Best Friend Reaches Out To You At 10 P.M. On A Friday…

It’s 10 P.M. and your friend texts you.

You tell her you can only come out for one drink, but four margaritas later and an emotional talk with your friend Bridgette about your breakup makes almost every guy at the bar look like a ten.

Before you know it, you can’t really remember much of anything.

You Check Your Phone When You Wake Up…

The next morning you wake up groggy, not remembering quite how you got home. You decide to check your phone and see if you got any missed calls or text messages.

There are none. (Aren’t you cool.) You also see if you sent out any embarrassing texts and you are relieved to see that nothing was sent to your ex boyfriend John. However, you do see that somehow you managed to get three new numbers.

You want to text them, but you don’t remember anything about the men who gave you their numbers.

Questions begin running through your head.

What are the guy’s names?

Are any of them cute?

What if they are predators?

Usually you remember whose number you got but last night was crazy.

Luckily, There Are A Few Options For You…

That was a hypothetical situation but I would guess that 90% of the population has gone through a similar experience and didn’t know how to handle it. If this happens to you there are several options to help find out whose digits you were collecting the night before.

For starters, try to trace back your steps throughout the night to jog your memory.

Next, once you have gathered all the information you can, call your friend you went out with the night before.

Your partner in crime may be able to help you piece everything together. Be prepared to hear the worst or best news of your life, and possibly some embarrassing stories.

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If Your Friend Can’t Jog Your Memory…

If you still can’t piece things together or if your friend was as trashed as you were, it may be time to do some online research.

For starters, type the number on Google. You never know what might pop up.

However, be ready to be disappointed since it is rare to find information in regards to someone’s cell phone number via Google.

Google used to have a phonebook tool but unfortunately they were receiving too many complaints and took down the service.

Google will not be too much help in trying to find out more about your mystery men.

Best in class Cell Phone Directory (option)

A better option is to look up the number by using a Best in class Cell Phone Directory.

A reverse cell phone lookup is a great way to get information in regards to who belongs to a number. You can find important information if available such as name, address, and other phone numbers.

The hard part about doing a reverse cell phone lookup is that most of the sites that offer premium information that is speedy and accurate charge a fee for their services. That is where National Cellular directory is unique.

National Cellular Directory has a Happy Hour once a day, every day that allows its participants to perform two premium people searches for absolutely free!

What’s also great about National Cellular Directory is that you can look up a person’s name and then find out their phone number and also important information as well.

Learn More on How to Find an Owners Name of a Mobile Phone Number

For example, let’s say you were at the bar and got someone’s number but lost it. If you remember their name you can type it in their Search By Name tool. This tool is also included in National Cellular Directory’s Happy Hour.

You can use their search my name and reverse cell phone lookup tools for other reasons as well. For instance, if you lost touch with a friend or can’t figure out who keeps calling you these tools can guide you.

It’s important to play safe while playing the field…

Remember to always be safe when you get someone’s number that you have never met before.

Key Facts

“More than one million women and almost 400,000 men are stalked annually in the United States… The crime-statistics show that of female murder victims in 2005, 33.4% were killed by their husbands or boyfriends.”

According to the Women's Self Defense Institute

These statistics shed some light on exactly why it is important to always be cautious while looking for love or just for fun. Having a fling or being in a relationship is a positive life experience as long as it involves two mature and consenting adults.

By going through the precautionary steps from first meeting to first date, you are at less risk for getting yourself hurt mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Safety always comes first, and your happiness comes in second.