Free Ways to Find Your Prospects’ Cell Phone Numbers Online

For one thing, you can efficiently use our name and address lookup, and be able to get the information. However, in addition to what we have to offer; there are also other free and simple ways that you can use to go about finding your prospects’ cell phone numbers. In fact, several sales professionals are already using these tips and are gaining an unfair advantage over their competitors. If you're dying to find out what free methods or internet hacks these sales professionals are using, then you're definitely in the right place.

I will share with you 3 of the most effective ways that you can use to look up your prospects’ cell phone numbers online (for free). Once you're done with this guide, you should be able to start using the tips since these are highly actionable.

Let’s hop right in.

1) Use Google’s Advanced Search Queries
Not many people are aware of Google’s advanced search queries. What makes it special is that using it will help you get search results that are more targeted / specific to what you’re looking for.

Here’s a good example.
Let’s say you’re looking for articles with the phrase “improve online sales” on the article’s title; as you can probably imagine, you can’t do that just by simply typing in the keywords “improve online sales” on Google’s search engine, since it’ll also bring you pages where the keywords are in the article’s body, and not on the header.

The solution? Use the advanced search query, “intitle:”.
That being said, this is how your search query should look like… intitle:"improve online sales". If you check out Google’s search results, you’ll notice that the placement of the keywords “improve online sales” is found on the article’s title, and not just on any other part of the page.

Mind you that what I showed is just one of the advanced search queries that you can use.

While there are several advanced search queries that you can use to get your prospects’ cell phone numbers using Google’s search engine, using the functions “+” and the quotation mark ("") are some of my favorites. Here’s how my advanced search queries usually look like when I search for my prospect’s cell phone number online (for free)... “Cell phone” + state + “Full name”

This is how an example would look like. “Cell phone” + Ohio + “John K. Richards” With this kind of search query, you’ll get this result…
Google Mobile Phone Lookup

In most cases, you’ll obtain the information right off the bat, after typing in the advanced search query.

2) Look them up through Linkedin.
Since Linkedin has about 380+ million users, all composed of professionals or business owners, it makes it one of the best places for you to look for prospects. What’s even better is that you can also view your prospects’ cell phone numbers on their profile. All you need to do is click, the “Contact Info” tab.
Linkedin Mobile Phone Lookup Instructions

It’s important to note that in several instances, your prospects won’t add their cell phone numbers on their profiles. Also, you’ll only be able to view their phone numbers if a.) they made it available, and b.) they are in your network of connection. That being said, if your prospect isn’t in your network, then you won’t be able to view their cell phone numbers through Linkedin. In situations where you can’t view their cell phone number, all you need to do is to take note of their complete name, and the city and state they are from.
Linkedin Prospect Instructions

Once you’ve obtained the information, you can then go to our home page at and do a name and address look-up.
NCD Phone Lookup Instructions

You’ll be able to obtain their phone number after you click the “search” button.

3) Use White Pages.
White Pages has a pretty solid database when it comes to finding people. That being said, the information you can obtain from the website about the address and phone number of the people you are looking for are quite reliable. Once you type in your prospects’ name and the state they are from, their search engines should bring back several matches. At this point, all you need to do is click the "handset" icon so you can view their contact details.
White Page Phone Lookup Instructions

Just a heads-up. What you will usually see after you click the "handset" icon is the person's landline number and not their cell phone number. If that happens, then you can just use our name and address look up again to find the information. What's next? Now that you have several free and effective ways to find your prospects’ cell phone numbers online, you can now start mining the information and start cold calling.