Top Ten Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

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Intelius is a company that was started in 2003 and is located in Bellevue, Washington. According to their website more than 1 million people visit each day. Intelius offers many search services and is one of the top companies in the search industry. They offer one of the least expensive phone lookups that we have seen. More
Got exactly what I was looking for.
Got the owner name for only $0.99!
Great site! Easy to use and inexpensive. I definitely recommend!
Spokeo describes themselves as "A people search engine that organizes data". Their website is very easy to use and registration is a breeze. They have a lot of data with some of it being useful and some of it not so useful. The website is very fast and the data is organized is such a way that it is easy to read and find. More
Very good site! I like the design. Easy to use
This website gives you a lot of data!
Was able to run many lookups for the month.
White Pages is a great website if you are looking for information on landline or business phone numbers. For landline and business phone numbers their reverse phone lookup service is free. However, for cell phone numbers and unlisted phone numbers White Pages currently uses for that service. More
Good site if you are looking for land line or bus numbers.
Worked for me.
Not good for cell phone numbers.
Free Phone Tracer is a light weight, easy-to-use website. The registration is easy and the checkout process is quick. The pricing for their reverse phone search is fairly expensive compared to other websites. The offer 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions as well as a 1 time phone lookup. More
Accurate data but kind of expensive
Will use again!
Too expensive
Instant Check Mate is a super easy to use and extremely fast website. If time is important to you than this is the website to use for a reverse phone lookup. However, there is only 1 pricing option and it includes a 5 day trial. Also, you cant cancel your account online. Instead you have to call to cancel your account. More
Didnt like the pricing options
Dont recommend. Could not cancel
Great site!
Been Verified is a very easy to use website with a clean design. There are basically 2 pricing options: a single phone report or a 7 day free trial with the purchase of a subscription. Because of the price of the single phone report Been Verified would be better suited for users in need of multiple reverse phone reports. More
Worked for me!
Easy to use.
Didnt find what I was looking for
Search Bug is a people search website that was created in 1995 according to their website. The website has a lot going on and it is at times difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for. They have many different pricing options and registration is very easy. More
Ok. Website design is lacking
Couldnt figure out how to use the site
Didnt find information for the phone number searched.
According to their website was created in September of 2010. They have multiple pricing options (single reports, memberships, etc.) and claim to not have any "free trials". We found their data to be fairly accurate. Their parent company is Inflection ( More
Loved it. Will use again.
I found the data to be inaccurate.
Too expensive.
PeopleFinders is a website that was created in 2002 according to their website. The offer a reverse phone lookup service which is subscription only paid service. The minimum subscription length is 1 month. For cell phone numbers their data does not appear to be as accurate as other websites that we have reviewed. More
I didnt like the monthly memberships.
Found what I needed.
Site was great. Easy to use and accurate.
Reverse Phone Check is a great phone lookup website if you are looking to run a lot of phone searches. The pricing for a full year membership with unlimited phone lookups is about $3.33/month. The registration is quick and easy and the phone reports are of course instant. More
The website was easy to use.
I found the info that I needed.
Great site for multiple phone lookups.
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