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Background Check - How Long Does it Take?

How Long Do Background Checks Take?

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Reports Include (if available):

Contact Info (with Cell #'s)
Contact Info (with Cell #'s)
Criminal Records
Criminal Records
Liens and Judgements
Liens and Judgements
Photos and Social Info
Photos and Social Info
Background Check Uses

When to use a Background Check?

Background Check Uses

Yourself - check to see if there are is an inaccurate data or if your identity has been compromised.

Dating - if you are on a blind date or involved in online dating it is a good idea to run a background search on your date. If the background report shows any negative information then you may want to reconsider the date.

Why use us to perform a background check?

Why Use Our Background Reports?

Many Reasons to Use Us

Secure Data
Our Data is Secure
Fast Reports
Fast Reports
Accurate Data
Accurate Data
Anonymous Searches
Anonymous Searches
Comprehensive Reports
Comprehensive Reports

Online Background Check Overview

National Cellular Directory is known for being one of the best background check companies available online. What we offer is billions of records and the technology to navigate through them and give our customers the information that they seek in under a minute.

How Long Does It Take to Run A Background Check?

To run our online background check, it only takes moments. Our quick background check will give you the important information that you seek in only minutes. There is no waiting period outside of the time it takes for our tool to quickly scan through our records.

With our background check, you can get useful information and important facts on anyone, even yourself. You can use this information to learn more about yourself, teachers, neighbors, coworkers, your boss, friends, and so much more.

Doing A Background Search on Someone Else

There are so many reasons that you might want to do a background search and check people that make an impact in your life. However, there are some restrictions to what you can use our background check tool for. Please continue reading to learn if you can use our background search tool and see examples of situations where you will need an individual’s permission to run a background search on them.

Do I Need A Person’s Permission to Perform A Background Check on Them?

You can’t run a background check without permission in certain situations.

Here Are Some Examples:
  • If you are looking up someone who you are thinking of hiring for a job position.
  • If you are a landlord looking up a tenant.
  • If you are a lender who is looking up a loan applicant.

About Us

We are one of the top background check companies and have been specializing in people searching since 2005. Our billions of records are available 24/7 to our customers. We offer our people search service around the clock and every day, because customer satisfaction is what’s most important to our company.

Besides our tool being available 24/7, our customer service line (888-346-9978) is also available 24/7 to meet our customer’s needs.

National Cellular Directory also provides search by name lookups, reverse phone lookups, and reverse address searches.

Here Are Some Ways in Which You Can Use Our Background Search:

  • You are thinking about buying a business and want to know more about the seller and previous owner. You want to make sure you are making a business deal with an honest person.
  • You are job searching and want to see what information is out there about you can prepare yourself for when a business wants to perform a background check on you before offering you a job position.
  • You are online dating and want to look up the people who you are communicating with. Before you get too serious, you want to know who they are and if there is anything that you need to worry about from their past.
  • You are dating someone but they are acting shady. They ask for money, disappear, they don’t tell you where they work, etc. You want to make sure you are dating someone safe who will not take advantage of you.
  • You want to lookup someone who is around your child or another close family member often. It could be the mom your child car pools with, or perhaps your sister’s new best friend who you think is stealing from her.
  • Your neighbor seems a little off. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that your mail keeps getting stolen and new credit cards have been opened under you name.
Ways to use a background search

What Do I Need to Perform A Background Search on Someone?

Another great question. To perform a background search on someone, you will need to have their first and last name, city they live in, and state. If you’re not sure of this, try running a reverse phone lookup first. All you need to run one of those is the individual’s phone number. One you have that, you can find out their full name and location. Then you can run the background search.

Background Check Questions

Step 1:

Enter the person’s first and last name, city and state in the search by name box.

Step 2:

Our comprehensive tool will scan over billions of records to find the applicable information.

Step 3:

Once the results are found, select the background check option

Step 4:

Get results. As a bonus feature, your results will be saved under “my searches”. Don’t worry, we will not notify anyone of your search.

You can login at anytime to view your previous search results.

Getting Sneaky with Background Checks

Background Check Options With background checks, you can only search a person’s background once you know their full name, city and state. However, as described above, there are ways around this. For example, perhaps you have a phone number that keeps harassing you and you want to know everything you can about the perpetrator. You can do a reverse phone lookup first to see if you can find out their full name. Once you have that information, you can run a full background check on them.

Or, perhaps you know the address of your neighbor but can’t remember their full name. Perform a reverse address lookup (you should know your neighbors address) and their full name should appear in the results. Again, you can use that information to run a full, fast background check on them.

National Cellular Directory, The Best Online Background Search

Our online people searching tool specializes in finding the information you need by having a special access to billions of public records and reports. Our technology helps provide people with the information that they need the most to keep themselves safe.

We provide instant searches so that you can find all of the records that you need and safe yourself the precious time it would take for you to try and find these records by searching online or at the court house. With our tool, you have access to unlimited records for a small fee.

By using our service, you can protect yourself, find an important person, learn important information on someone, and so much more. Why not try our fast service today and discover exactly what you are looking for?

I have to say this was the best backround report that I have every received. I've tried other background checks and this one had more data, the report was instant, and the data was accurate! Thanks for the Background Search NCD!


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