FAQ: Why there should be a free cell phone directory?

The decision to have U.S. Free Cell Phone Directory is a very touchy and controversial topic. While there are many against this type of directory there are also many supporters in favor of a U.S. cell phone directory. With the exponential growth and popularity of cell phones it is going to become more and more difficult to keep track of family and friends cell phone numbers. Of course most cell phones have a built in phone book to store and find personal cell numbers but there comes a time when a this directory would come in handy. Say you need to get a hold of a neighbor, or your child's friend, or your child's friends parents, or a co-worker. Times like this is when it would nice to have a free phone directory where you could trace cell phone numbers free. Also, how many times have you received a phone call from a number that you didn't know? This has happens all the time and unless you have the number in your cell phone you more then likely will not know who is calling you. This is when a free reverse cell phone directory would come in handy. A reverse cell phone directory is a directory where you enter the cell phone number in the database and it tells you the name associated with that cell phone number.

Why the opponents oppose a this type of directory?

They don't want the public to have access to their mobile phone numbers. They want their cell numbers and related information to remain private.

They are afraid that telemarketers will get a hold of there cell numbers from a directory that is free. This is a major concern for cell phone subscribers as most know who annoying telemarketers can be.

The fear of other personal information being available to the public. If cell phone numbers are to be made public many of opponents believe that other personal information will also become public.

Why the supporters see a need for a directory that is free?

Many supporters believe that more and more people are using there cell phones as there primary home phone. As this trend increases it will become more difficult to find family and friends cellular numbers. Just as there are the local phone books for landline phones they believe there should also be a free phone number directory for cellular phones.

They see a great need for a free reverse cell phone directory. For all of those unknown phone numbers we get a free reverse cell phone directory would be great so we could find out who is calling us.

People keep changing their cell numbers and it is hard to keep track of all of these mobile number changes. Even though it is now possible to keep your cellular number no matter what carrier you are with, people still change their numbers in order to get a local phone number.

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